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Latest Reports

  • Learners’ perspectives on Life Orientation sexuality education in South Africa

  • South African contributions to LGBTI education issues

  • ‘Kasi curriculum’: what young men learn and teach about sex in a South African township

  • Sexuality education in South African schools: deconstructing the dominant response to young people’s sexualities in contemporary schooling contexts

  • What does the teaching and learning of sexuality education in South African schools reveal about counter-normative sexualities?

  • Passing through professionalism: South African Black male teachers and same-sex desire

  • Teenage girls negotiating femininity in the context of sexually explicit materials

  • Engaging young working class men in the delivery of sex and relationships education

  • Building a transformative agenda for accountability in SRHR: lessons learned from SRHR and accountability literatures

  • The injection or the injection? Restricted contraceptive choices among women living with HIV