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  • Communities make the difference – World AIDS Day 2019

  • BODY MAPPING to explore the embodied experiences of contraceptive methods and family planning with women in South Africa

  • Moving the ICPD agenda forward: challenging the backlash

  • The battle for sexual and reproductive health and rights for all

  • A sexual and reproductive health and rights journey: from Cairo to the present

  • “Righting the wrongs”: addressing human rights and gender equality through research since Cairo

  • Tensions and exclusions: the knotty policy encounter between sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV

  • Adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights: a stock-taking and call-to-action on the 25th anniversary of the international conference on population and development

  • Actions, not words: progress since ICPD on disability and SRHR

  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights in humanitarian crises at ICPD25+ and beyond: consolidating gains to ensure access to services for all

  • Violence against women: where are we 25 years after ICPD and where do we need to go?

  • “The Times They Are A-Changin”: using technology for ASRHR in the 25 years since ICPD

  • Regional Comprehensive Sexuality Education Resource Package for Out of School Young People

  • SRHR & HIV linkages toolkit

  • The Global Early Adolescent Study (GEAS) Questionnaire and Training Suite