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  • South African National Health Insurance Bill

  • Does free schooling affect pathways from adverse childhood experiences via mental health distress to HIV risk among adolescent girls in South Africa: a longitudinal moderated pathway model

  • Viral suppression among children and their caregivers living with HIV in western Kenya

  • End-user preference for and choice of four vaginally delivered HIV prevention methods among young women in South Africa and Zimbabwe: the Quatro Clinical Crossover Study

  • Impact of the frequency of plasma viral load monitoring on treatment outcomes among children with perinatally acquired HIV

  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

  • Population Facts – Global Progress in Satisfying the Need for Family Planning

  • The impact of the ‘Global Gag Rule’ on migrant women and women from poor households in Cape Town

  • The devastating impact of Trump’s global gag rule

  • Using photovoice to engage orphans to explore sexual violence in and around a township secondary school in South Africa

  • The Trouble of Teen Sex: The construction of adolescent sexuality through school-based sexuality education

  • Feminine sexual desire and shame in the classroom: an educator’s constructions of and investments in sexuality education

  • Learners’ perspectives on Life Orientation sexuality education in South Africa

  • South African contributions to LGBTI education issues

  • ‘Kasi curriculum’: what young men learn and teach about sex in a South African township