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  • Mapping the impact of the expanded Mexico City Policy for HIV/ family planning service integration in PEPFAR-supported countries: a risk index

  • Maternal health

  • Medical Abortion: The Possibilities for Introduction in the Public Sector in South Africa

  • Medical society engagement in contentious policy reform: the Ethiopian Society for Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ESOG) and Ethiopia’s 2005 reform of its Penal Code on abortion

  • Medication abortion in the private sector in South Africa

  • Mental health issues and abortion

  • Misoprostol in the era of COVID-19: a love letter to the original medical abortion pill

  • Mozambique legalises abortion

  • Network Learning Discussion-Safe Abortion

  • New Engagement Opportunities for Key Populations in the PEPFAR 2015 Country Operational Plan Process (COP)

  • Notes on Changing Attitudes

  • Open Letter to UN leaders re International Safe Abortion Day 28 September

  • Permanent Family Planning

  • Planning and Support Tool -French

  • Planning and Support Tool-English