Review of sexuality education toolkit for young adolescents, carers and service providers, to ensure inclusivity of transgender and intersex, and children with disabilities

Terms of Reference

1. Introduction
The AIDS Foundation of South Africa Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Programme is a regional programme operating in eastern and Southern Africa. It focuses on supporting knowledge exchange, skills development, joint advocacy and solidarity in the movement to advance SRHR. The programme is seeking the services of a gender expert for a short-term assignment to review a sexuality education toolkit to ensure it is inclusive of transgender and intersex children and those with disabilities.

2. Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to identify ways in which the SRHR programme can revise its materials so that they are accurate, relevant and appropriate to provide young adolescents (10-14 years) with an understanding of the physiological changes in puberty as they affect children across the spectrum of sex and gender, and children with disabilities.

3. Scope of Project

(1) Tasks
The consultant is required:
a) To review a set of materials providing information to young adolescents about the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty, and materials for adults about how to share such information with young adolescents.
b) Following this review, and based on understanding of effective practice in comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in Africa, to make recommendations for revisions and updates, to ensure the materials are inclusive and aligned with international guidelines on CSE.
(2) Activities

  • Review a booklet and a set of posters for young adolescents
  • Make recommendations for revisions to text and visual material to ensure they are fully inclusive and up to date
  • Review a guide for caregivers and service providers
  • Make recommendations for revisions to the guide to align it with the materials for adolescents.
  • Draft wording for the agreed revisions.
  • Write a brief for the artist to create additional illustrations to reflect any amended or new material.

4. Deliverables and Services Required

  • Inception meeting
  • Work plan
  • Review of materials
  • Report on findings of review
  • Recommendations for revisions to materials
  • Brief for additional artwork

5. Time Frame
The deadline for submission of proposals is 11 February 2019. The appointment of the consultant will be made on 18 February. The project will run from 18 February to 15 March 2019. The project will be implemented over a period of 8 working days.

6. Management of Process
There will be sign off by an AFSA technical team. The process will be managed by the SRHR Programme Management.

7. Guidelines for submission of proposals
Suitably qualified individuals should submit a short proposal (maximum 800 words) setting out their approach to the task, their relevant experience, and their fees (based on a maximum of 8 working days). The proposal should be accompanied by a résumé.

8. Applicants are requested to submit copies of relevant registration documents.
Company or trading entity registration certificate (in the case of a sole proprietor copy of Identity Document)
VAT registration certificate (if registered for VAT)
A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the South African Revenue Service (SARS).
B-BBEE status level verification certificate (unless trading below the prescribed threshold)
A declaration confirming the absence of any conflict of interest; or alternatively a declaration stating any existing relationship /acquaintance with AFSA employees or Directors;

Proposals must be e mailed to no later than midnight (GMT +2) on 11 February 2019.
Preference will be given to consultants based in Africa.
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