Regional Sexual and Reproductive
Health and Rights (RSRHR) Fund

Southern Africa is at the coalface of many of the challenges in relation to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and provides a microcosm for understanding a number of the most critical SRH issues that need to be addressed globally. At the same time, the region is gradually mobilizing around some of the key SRH issues as CSOs increasingly take steps to engage in advocacy and to take action on a diversity of SRH issues. Governments are also gradually responding to the importance of investing in SRH by signing on to laws, developing policies and implementing programs that seek to improve the delivery of SRH services as well as ensuring that citizens are able to enjoy their rights to SRH services.

Established in 2010, the RSRHR Fund focuses on regional responses to SRHR issues by fostering improved partnerships and collaboration to enable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to address critical issues as well as to seize opportunities aimed at ensuring that services are accessible and available to all citizens and that they are able to enjoy their sexual and reproductive rights. The RSRHR Fund also recognizes the critical need to make connections to relevant international and regional commitments and agreements to serve as a foundation to address key SRHR issues in Southern Africa such as HIV/AIDS and its link to gender-based violence. In order to move the agenda forward, the Fund recognizes that CSOs need support in their efforts to engage with government and other relevant stakeholders in the form of training, capacity building, knowledge management and the provision of platforms such as face-to-face and virtual meetings to enable them to develop a collective voice on SRHR issues in the region.

Our Partners

In response to the growing need to address the SRHR of adolescents and youth, the Regional SRHR Fund has awarded grants to three youth-led organisations, to undertake advocacy on priority issues in Southern Africa.

The Fund specifically seeks to capitalize on the benefits of working at a regional level, such as developing, testing and documenting approaches that can be adapted to other countries in the region or coordinating efforts among and between countries. Given the size of the Fund and the magnitude of the issues faced in the region, the Fund strategically focuses its support in a targeted manner. To do so, the Fund is streamlining its support by focusing on key entry points such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Activities supported include:

  • Consultations and meetings to agree upon an issue and coordinate actions
  • Mapping exercises to identify key organizations tied to sectors of influence
  • Development of tools, training and other material to respond to particular barriers to accessing SRHR rights and services
  • Capacity building on issues that can empower people to take action or advocate on SRHR issues
  • Convening meetings or forums to consult on key issues, to share information and best practices or to disseminate the findings from the examination of one issue
  • Support to concrete actions that have the potential to move the SRH agenda forward.