Share your Menstrual Hygiene Day video and be a part of the action!

The Menstrual Hygiene Day team is creating a compilation video showing what people think needs to happen in order to create a world where menstruation no longer limits anybody. They're calling on you to create a short video response to this question:

What do you think is needed to create a world in which women and girls are no longer limited because of their periods?

Only one priority is needed - don't mention more than one thing. The MH Day team has specified that you can "paint it, write it on a banner or placard, speak it alone or in a group... [You] can shout it, scream it, sing it, dance it, or use [your] bodies" to get your message across.

Please keep your video short (10 words or less, and under 1 minute), and shoot horizontally in high definition (HD).

Please email or esnd your video via WeTransfer to, or upload it on YouTube or Google Drive and send the link to Please do not share via Instagram or Facebook, because the video will be compressed and the quality will not be good enough to use. Please sign and send the release form with your video!

Important information:

  • You are welcome to speak in a language other than English, but please write a clear description of what has been said. This will be used to subtitle the video, so it must be exactly what is said, not what was intended
  • Tell us which country the video was shot in
  • Please indicate who the person in the video is. If they are a decision maker or a celebrity, please let us know and share their Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram handles.
  • If you wish to submit multiple videos, upload each video separately. Do not edit them together into one video.
  • Please sign and send the release form with your video!

Find more information here.