Smiley faces as all new period blood drop emoji is released

Back in 2017, Plan International submitted five period positive emoji designs to the Unicode Consortium (the official body that manages emojis worldwide), all of which were rejected. Not ones to give up, Plan International joined forces with the Blood and Transplant arm of Britain's NHS to submit one more emoji. This submission was accepted, and the latest emoji update features the all-new period blood drop!

This update has also brought a win for gender non-conforming and gender neutral folks, as well as people with disabilities, who now have a whole set of new emojis to work with. Several emojis representing different disabilities are now available with the latest update to Emoji 12.3, including people using mobile and hearing aids, as well as sign language, probing sticks, and so on. There are also emojis for individual aids like probing sticks, motorised and manual wheelchairs, and guide and service dogs. Each emoji which previously had two gender options now has an additional gender-neutral option as well.