Tell Me About... The Changes in My Body!

Let’s talk about puberty. Let’s make it factual and fun.

If that sounds difficult, here is a new book, full of light-hearted illustrations and straightforward information, to make it easier.

Tell me about the changes in my body, published by the AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA), and endorsed by Childline, is a resource to support discussions about puberty among young adolescents and adults. It is aligned with the latest International guidelines on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and can be used alongside the Department of Basic Education Life Skills lesson plans.

Evidence from around the world shows that sharing clear, accurate information with children about the changes that happen to us all as we go through puberty supports physical and emotional well-being. It promotes self-esteem and healthy choices. It helps to protect children from negative peer pressure reduce vulnerability to abuse, early pregnancy and HIV.

The book covers topics ranging from body types and body image to reproduction and menstruation, sexuality and gender, and sexual feelings. It features full-colour illustrations on every page – designed to put children and adults at ease in discussing these topics.

Yes, it has pictures of body parts – with their correct names. Yes, it talks about what sex is. Yes, it explains sexual orientation and gender identity. What the book is promoting is honesty and understanding. See for yourself:
Tell me about the changes in my body is available free in electronic format here or, click on the image below to download.