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Katswe Sistahood

Katswe Sistahood

Katswe Sistahood was founded in 2007 as a feminist SRHR movement-building organisation based primarily in Zimbabwe. The organisation envisions a world where young women and girls are empowered in every aspect of their life and are able to enjoy equal rights to their male counterparts. Katswe Sistahood places the politics of women’s bodies at the heart of their organising and champions womens SRHR through ​information dissemination and awareness raising, advocacy, capacity building and training, referrals to services, as well as through networking and developing partnerships.

Katswe Sistahood partnered with Sex Rights Africa on the petition for free sanitary wear for all who need it and for the the Happy Flow app. The organisation convenes the Pepeta Africa Network, a young African Feminist movement based online, which operates in 15 SADC countries. Through Pepeta Africa, Katswe is teaching organisations to use the Pachoto Model (which involves work with the individual, the community as well as decision makers) to strengthen the capacity of organisations in the SADC region to engage with policy makers in a meaningful manner.

You can find more information about  Katswe Sistahood on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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