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Dialogues for Change (DFC)

Dialogues for Change (DFC)

Dialogues for Change (DFC) is a platform meant to enable religious leaders to work together with civil society leaders in their endeavour to create conditions necessary for the realisation of the needed inclusiveness. The concept seeks to come up with different activities that brings together the LGBTIQA+ community, traditional leaders and civil society leaders as well as putting the necessary pressure on different stakeholders to bring about togetherness.

DFC is to facilitate dialogues with members of the community these include, traditional, religious, community and religious leader together with the members of the marginalised groups. DFC recognises the fact that dialogue brings in better understanding of issues that affect the community and society at large.

  • To bring together LGBTIQA+ persons for different backgrounds
  • To have voices of the LGBTIQA+ persons heard
  • To create a united, tolerant, diverse organisation that is anchored on respect, oneness, tolerance, oneness and co-operation.

You can find out more information about Dialogues For Change on Facebook.

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